Berimfilm as the Best Platform to Watch & Download Films and Series

Cinema is an influential and decisive medium, and today, in many countries, this medium is used to lay the groundwork and implement major national and international programs and strategies.

We cannot neglect cultural elements and features to understand cinema in general and the cinema of a country. To better understand what and how of today’s Iranian cinema, one should consider cinema as one of the cultural elements in this country and then within the framework of Iranian culture. Hundreds of films are on screens in cinemas around the world every day. It generates billions of dollars for film and entertainment companies and entertains millions of people across the globe. Today, film and cinema are an integral part of human life.

Cinema cannot be explained in isolation from the state of literature, music, drama, architecture and other arts, and its philosophy of humanities. Undoubtedly, improving the quality of cinematic works will significantly impact the growth of intellectual, cultural, social, and even economic and commercial dimensions of society. The number of its audience can assess the dimensions of cinema’s cultural and social impact and other visual productions and their role in promoting thoughts, behaviors, values ​​, and beliefs among the audience. In world cinema, different forms of narration are experienced, and most viewers enjoy the narration and storytelling methods of the films more than the dramatic effects. Judging a film should not be limited to the present because the audience will see and judge the same film in the coming years and eventually be influenced by it. This influence will gradually spread in society. There has been a steep decline in going to cinema among the people of the society for various reasons.

The undeniable influence of art on the formation of culture in any society has different angles, to the extent that many world powers have kept their weapons in the shells that art has decorated for years. The fact is that the cinema is one of the greatest cultural superpowers globally, and the effect of the smallest appearance on it can be quickly seen among the people of the street and the market. Therefore, this modern yet enjoyable world is a new means of expressing cultures and ideas that may be difficult to express in everyday language. Iranian cinema is also among the best in the cultivation of cultural norms and beliefs in most Iranians serials and films. Various VODs and websites such as Berimfilm are dedicated to bringing the best movies and serials for users to download and watch.

The importance of movies and serials have increased in today’s world due to the prevalence of the COVID-19 virus and the subsequent lockdown. This has led many people to spend a lot of time watching different movies and series. In our country, watching Iranian movies and series has a special place among families. Thanks to the expansion of the home theater network, people have access to a wide range of genres. These networks provide different types of serials and movies for people to download or watch online.

The name ‘video on demand’ (VOD) is mainly used for services, enabling the audience to watch their favorite serials and movies on various platforms, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and, more recently on their smart TVs. However, some audiences may feel overwhelmed due to the scope of Iranian serials and movies on these services. Some of these services also come with a subscription fee which is restrictive per se. On the other hand, most of these services only allow for live streaming, and you cannot download your favorite movies to watch them later or share them with your loved ones. Hence, most people are looking for ways to download films and serials. Berimfilm is what you need to download your favorite movies and serials. It comes with a wide collection of both foreign and Iranian serials and movies. The added benefit of this platform is that besides downloading your favorite films and serials, you can watch movies online in Berimfilm.