فیلم دیدن این فیلم جرم است

Amir is a young member of Basidj and his father is a martyr of war.

فیلم شب اول 18 سالگی

This film narrates a cinematic way of life of Iranians and different cinemas in the 40s and 50s through images.

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فیلم سوء تفاهم

Some college students who study cinema take a rich girl as a hostage

فیلم پستچی سه بار در نمیزند

‘The Postman Doesn’t Knock Three Times’ has been shot at a three-story building. Download 720p

فیلم سنگ کاغذ قیچی

Jahan is released from the prison after 2 years and is searching for his fiance. At Download Part 1 Download Part 2  

فیلم شغال

In this thrilling heist caper, a group of criminals rob a jewelry store for their boss. Download Part 1 Download Part 2

فیلم شوریده

When the tenacious Doctor Mahyar encounters the young woman Zarir after Download 720p

فیلم علف های هرز

Lieutenant Farid Kazemi, the agent of the police station, is seeking to find the motivations of the murderer of an old acquaintance named Ferydoon Maleki. Download 480p

فیلم عروس آتش

A young medical student’s struggle to break her bonds to her desert tribe, Download 720p

فیلم اسکادران عشق

During the Iran–Iraq war, millions of locusts attack Konarak in Sistan and Download 720p

فیلم راز مینا

Talented actress Mina gets more than she bargained for when she makes a promise Download 720p

فیلم جهنم سبز

In this cautionary tale about poaching, elderly gamekeeper Heydari’s encounter Download 480p

فیلم جستجو در جزیره

Yarahmadi Motlagh is a young detective in Bandar Lengeh. Once during transorting Download 720p

فیلم دلار

Some Iranian passengers are arrested outside the country because of having Download 480p  

فیلم لنگرگاه

Two teens escape from their house and go to Bandar-Abbas because of the Download 720p

فیلم شاخه های بید

Khalou Morad is driven away with his family by the village thane. He has to Download 720p

فیلم بحران

At the peak of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Download 720p

فیلم خبرچین

Asghar Zaghi is a stagehand in a theater house at Laleh-Zaar street, and is always Download 720p

فیلم فرار

The war between Iran and Iraq is beginning and all the youngsters are going to war Download 480p

فیلم به دادم برس رفیق

Amir is a young corrupted guy who with the help of his brother Jasem deceive naive girls. Download 480p

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