فیلم یدو

It is the story of the life of a boy whose life, with all its truths and bitterness, Download 480p Download 720p

فیلم تک نیر انداز

فیلمی به کارگردانی علی غفاری  و تهیه‌کنندگی ابراهیم اصغری محصول بنیاد فرهنگی روایت فتح در سال ۱۳۹۹ است.
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فیلم آبادان یازده 60

مردم غیور آبادان … شهر در آستانه سقوط قرار گرفته است!

فیلم آشغال های دوست داشتنی

It’s about a family that has the opportunity to solve the mother’s problem one night. Download 720p

فیلم ماهورا

In a borderline village, the most beautiful girl is chosen as the bride of Hoor and spends one day a week in water, Download 720p

فیلم آباجان

‘Aba Jan’ is the story of a family in the 80s in Zanjan where their lives are dramatically Download 480p Download 720p Download 1080p

فیلم رستاخیز

The story of Imam Hossein’s battle in Karbala, an unfair war which made one the most important effects in Islam history.

فیلم غم های شیدایی

A Reporter reveals an unknown secret of Iran- Iraq War. Download 720p

فیلم فرزند خاک

After waiting a long time for her lost lover to return, Mina comes to believe he is Download 720p

فیلم میم مثل مادر

A harrowing story of the long-term consequences of the Iran-Iraq war. A couple Download 720p

فیلم اتوبوس شب

‘Night Bus’ gives us a vivid depiction of gritty warfare by following a group of Iranian Download 720p

جایی برای زندگی

This film presents a short history of Muslims in Burma (Myanmar) Download 720p  

فیلم اشک سرما

During the Iran-Iraq war, a soldier and a Kurdish girl come to a new understanding of the idea of peace despite their supposedly opposite circumstances. Download 720p

فیلم دوئل

A 40-year old man, Zeinal, who has been a POW for 20 years, is released and Download 480p

فیلم مزرعه پدری

Mahmoud Shokatian is invited by a group of students to talk about his latest book Download 720p

فیلم عیسی می آید

A captive warrior, Issa, who has long been thinking about various plans to escape Download 720p

فیلم موج مرده

Dead Wave is about exploring an intergenerational conflict between a military Download 720p

فیلم لانه عقاب ها

هفت کماندوی ایرانی با فرمانده خود سرهنگ موسوی مأموریت می‌یابند که سرهنگ محمدی را از اردوگاه عراقی‌ها Download 720p

فیلم سحرگاه پیروزی

Rasoul, who has lost his wife and their only child, Mohsen, in an Iraq airstrike on Download 720p

فیلم متولد ماه مهر

Mahtab and Danial are both studying sociology in college and are in love with each Download 720p

فیلم رنجر

Following a fierce battle, Morteza has been taken captive by Iraqi forces. With the Download 720p

فیلم آخرین تک سوار

During the course of the early stages of Reza Shah’s reign, an army of soldiers led by Download 720p

فیلم آخرین نبرد

Naser, a soldier who fought at the frontline for several times, is now busy with shooting videos.. Download 480p

فیلم چون ابر در باران

In the time of the bombardment of Tehran, a house is destroyed and burnt by a rocket hit. Download 720p

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